Urea %46 as Granule

Urea is the most popular and economical of all nitrogenous fertilizers being used worldwide, the highest nitrogen concentration in the available solid conditions.

Urea has the highest nitrogen content of all solid nitrogenous fertilizers in common use. It is infinitely soluble in water and is suitable for use as an agricultural and forestry fertilizer as well as for industrial applications which require a high quality nitrogen source. It is not a poison to mammals and birds and is a benign and safe chemical to handle.

As a component of fertilizer and animal feed, providing a relatively cheap source of fixed nitrogen to promote growth.

Available in 50 kg 2ply bags by small orders of 2,000 MT or less

or in jumbo bags for big orders of 20,000 MT,  50,000 MT or 70,000 MT

UREA as prill

is a small diameter, spherical white solid. It is an organic amide molecule containing 46% nitrogen in the form of amine groups.

Urea is a raw material for the manufacture of many important chemical compounds, such as: plastics (urea-formaldehyde resins), adhesives (urea-melamine- formaldehyde) and industrial feedstock.

Available in 50 kg 2ply bags by small orders of 2,000 MT or less.