Sesame oil, which is extracted from the seeds of the herbaceous plant Sesamum indicu (belonging to the Pedaliaceae family), possesses several benefits for our health and it is largely used not only in the food industry. After being refined, it is characterized by a light yellow color, does not give off any particular smell and has a pretty pleasant taste. Being rich in polyunsaturated fats (linoleic and linolenic acid) that are source of essential fat acids such as omega 3 and omega 6, sesame oil is able to reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and therefore limit the chance of developing cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, it contains a high amount of mineral salts (calcium, iron, magnesium, copper and silicic acid) that make it a good dietary supplement, especially for children in development and for elderly people who suffer from bone diseases. Furthermore, this oil is the perfect choice for fry-ups: as a matter of fact, sesame oil has a really high smoke point (the temperature by which oil degradation is visible as bluish smoke.

This means it does not decompose easily and does not therefore produce those toxic substances deriving from molecular alteration of food. In addition, sesame seed oil at high temperatures does not turn polyunsaturated fats into saturated fats, as happens with other oils, but gives off a precious antioxidant substance called sesamol, which is able to fight cellular aging and oxidative stress depression. In conclusion, besides the traditional use, this oil is also a pharmaceutical resource: it is used as a mild remedy against constipation (it has to be cold-pressed) and for other particular medications. Sesame oil is quite appreciated also in the cosmetic field as an ingredient for body and hair cleansers.


Sesame oil to fight Alzheimer’s disease

Sesame seed oil, as proved by a recent study posted on the “Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin“, is able to delay the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, that is the degenerative dementia that hits 5% of the people over 65 years old. In particular, the researchers that organized the study showed that, if regularly consumed, the sesame oil significantly reduces brain’s neuronal degradation.

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Sesame seed oil for DIY beauty masks

It has been studied that sesame oil, which has a high level of penetrability, is an actual cure-all for skin beauty:

1 – It reduces eczemas and psoriasis;

2 – It protects from the noxious effects of sun rays;

3 – It exercises a sebum rebalancing action;

4 – It delays skin aging;

5 – It promotes the cicatrizing process of wounds.

Being it a great discovery for the tonicity and the health of the skin, sesame oil can be used to make homemade beauty treatments.

Sesame oil-based mask: mix two spoons of sesame oil and one spoon of flour in a bowl until you have an even mixture. This can be applied on the dampened face with a circular massage and left there for some minutes. After having washed it off with abundant tepid water, you will already see the first results: the skin will look relaxed, elastic and bright.


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